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The Context

Aspect has been working with this large national bank for over a decade and in that time, we’ve continued to adapt our approach to meet the company’s changing needs and aspirations. The current priority is efficiency, both in terms of cost-effective communication and timing.



The Project

Every year, we reassess the budget, the production process, and the specific elements needed on-site to achieve the most effectual and efficient event. Much of this has been technology-led, including the introduction of webcasting – enabling us to reach an additional 400 stakeholders – and our bespoke ‘Question Registration’ technology, which ensures all questions are heard and allows the Board to digest them in advance. This also means an appropriate specialist can answer any questions that are deemed unwarranted for the meeting itself.




“The benchmark of a good AGM producer is honesty. This is something Aspect has in spades. The team isn’t afraid to challenge the brief, outline the impact of any changes we want to make and find a workable solution. Few people are invited into the Boardroom on the day of the AGM. The fact that one of the Aspect team is always requested, is a testament to the confidence they inspire.”

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