Aspect AGM

Aspect was founded by Simon King-Cline and
Ben Hillson in 1997 with one goal: To be the best AGM production company in the UK.

25 years later, we are the unrivalled leader in our field. With up to 20 major meetings produced every year, we deliver more AGMs than any other provider, enjoy long-standing relationships with our clients and have achieved one of the highest Net Promoter scores in our industry.

The depth of our expertise ensures a flawless AGM experience for the Board and every stakeholder.

How can we help you?


Over the past 25 years, we have supported some of the largest, most contentious and technically challenging meetings in the UK.

We know how to prepare the Board to be the best they can be on the day.

  • Scriptwriting
  • Presenter training
  • Scenario planning
  • Speaker rehearsals


Disgruntled shareholders can have a negative influence on an otherwise successful AGM.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we help our clients execute proven strategies for neutralising negative shareholder sentiment and transforming it into brand advocacy.




We use our creative expertise to help our clients produce and run interactive experiences, exhibitions and installations that run alongside the main meeting, which are proven to drive positive shareholder sentiment and reduce the length of Q&As.

Please visit to find out more about what else we do.



We’ll take care of all the technical elements of your event for an exceptional audience experience.

  • Live audio / visual solutions
  • Online video platform management
  • Broadcast solutions
  • Website development
  • Interactive technologies
  • Technical management and HSSE


We’ll manage every aspect of event preparation and onsite delivery to make sure the planning experience is seamless for you and your team.

  • Venue sourcing and management
  • Security assessment and management
  • Contingency planning
  • Project management
  • Communications
  • Budget management
  • Registration management
  • Event logistics
  • Shareholder flow
  • Project administration

Question management

The Q&A is often the most important part of the AGM for shareholders.  But for the Board and Company Secretaries, this unscripted and potentially contentious portion of the programme is often a key area of concern. We provide comprehensive support in this area, including:

  • Question registration
  • Question formats
  • Question grouping & ordering
  • Question moderation
  • Meeting Chair communications & support
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